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The curriculum proposed for PPGEEs, which includes the list of different courses for the Master’s and Doctorate Degree, is shown in the table below.

Graduate Curriculum Support (Graduate Program in Special Education Subjects offering)


Master’s degree

Doctorate degree

Mandatory Subjects

EES150- Special Education Seminars I - 8 credits

EES152-Advanced Studies I (Name of the student's research topic) - 8 credits

EES153-Advanced Studies II (Name of the student's research topic) - 8 credits.

EES512-Supervised Teachers Internship in Special Education I (For only CAPES Scholarships - Master's and Doctorate Degree) - 2 credits

EES513- Supervised Teachers Internship in Special Education II (For only CAPES Scholarships - Master's and Doctorate Degree) - 2 credits

Mandatory Subjects of Concentration Area 

Select two:

Select three:

EES101-Fundamental Concepts in Special Education: Critical Analysis - 8 credits

EES102-Special Education in Brazil - 8 credits

EES104-Critical Analysis of the Concept of Disability - 8 credits

EES105- Special Education in Brazilian Education Context - 8 credits

EES223- Special Individual Teaching - 8 credits

Optional Subjects

(Choose at least one from the list of subjects offers)

(Choose at least one from the list of subjects offers)

- EES501- Special Education Topics 1 - 1 credit
- EES502- Special Education Topics 2 -  2 credits

Mandatory Written Productions

- Qualifying Examination

- Master’s Thesis

- Qualifying Examination
- Doctorate Dissertation

At least three of the following types of written products submitted for publication
. one review paper
. one report (Essay)
. one didactic paper
. one research paper 
. one service project

(1) Special Education Topics 1 and 2 – Optional subjects of short duration and intensive character, taught by Visiting Professors, with variable syllabus depending on the area of activity and the permanence of the scholar.

(2) These products must meet the requirements of scientific publications and should be sent for publication at any time during the doctorate course. The routing must be proven, but there is no obligation that the text be effectively published before the conclusion of the doctorate course.

The mandatory Subjects of the concentration area aim to characterize the educational reality of individuals with special educational needs in Brazil, to carry out critical analyzes of that context, and to derive ways of acting in that reality. The Subjects have as a more general objective to increase the competence of the student to problematize the area, derive research questions and evaluate the relevance of specific studies to advance the scientific knowledge in Special Education. The subjects group is composed of special context, from which the student will make some choices, depending on their interest in mastering in greater depth political, conceptual aspects, human resources training in the area, relation between regular and special education systems or on specialized teaching techniques, among others.


The optional Subjects have two objectives. The first would be to allow the deepening of the study in the specific theme of student research, related to one of the research lines. The second objective would be to instruct the student to master with the highest level of ability possible, the research methodology selected for their study. Such a group will be composed of a very varied group of Subjects, whose responsibility of supply will be of the professors linked to the research lines, and will allow a greater flexibility of individual grade.


Optional Subjects


EES 265

Stigma and Social Identity of the Disabled


EES 267.14

Special Education Topics of Research: Research Groups


EES 267.15

Special Education Topics of Research: Deafness and bilingual approach


EES 267.16

Special Education Topics of Research: Theoretical-technological foundations


EES 267.17

Special Education Topics of Research: Ideas and language in the historical-cultural approach


EES 267.19

Special Education Topics of Research: Readings on education that base Special Education research


EES 267.7

Special Education Topics of Research: School Inclusion and collaborative teaching


EES 502.31

Special Education Topics of Research 2: Use of clinical significance and reliable change as measures for the evaluation of interventions


EES 506.1

Special Education Topics of Research 6: Literacy of students with special educational needs