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Concentration Area

Concentration Area: Special Individual Education

For delimiting and directing the graduate course, it will be adopted the notion that Special Education should be characterized by any type and level of work of an educational nature that explores teaching conditions to ensure that the target population obtain relevant repertoires, that are not being or cannot be developed under usual teaching conditions. From this point of view, it would be eligible for special education reception:

1. anyone who due to their own organic or constitutional characteristics, characteristics of their environment or deficiencies in the school system, have difficulty benefiting from the teaching conditions offered by regular education or natural conditions of life but who may be promoted using special teaching procedures or specific technologies, whether in formal or informal education;

2. anyone (and especially children at the 0-6 age group) who, for the same reasons as mentioned above, presents risks as to future possibilities for development and learning (prevention);

3. anyone with special health conditions who require learning special repertoires to deal with such conditions.