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Graduate Program in Special Education - PPGEEs

The proposal of this graduate program originated from an experience of the Center of Education and Human Sciences - CECH at Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar), in offering a specialization course in 1977 for teachers of special education in the city of São Carlos and region. At the end of this course, there was an increase in demand, whether in terms of expanding opportunities for new teachers and continuing with the training of those who took the first course.

At that time, the São Paulo government institutionalized a special education system in the state (Bueno, 1993) and included among its goals the formation of large contingents of human resources. This initiative of the state government caused the almost explosive implantation of special education qualifications in undergraduate courses in Pedagogy, without it being counted with qualified faculty.

Therefore, the proposal of a Graduate Program was considered as a possibility of preparing "multiplication agents" and, consequently, to break the vicious circle of the absence of qualified teachers at all levels of education. The analysis of reality pointed to the scarcity of systematic training centers for professionals in Special Education, and not just for teachers (Souza, Guidi, Ferraz, and Ferraz Junior, 1981).

The Center for Education and Human Sciences at UFSCar assumed the role of perfecting the teacher who would teach those courses and sought to create the conditions to start a tradition of research incipient in Brazil at that time.

The Master’s Degree Program in Special Education (PMEE) has been created, with an area of concentration on mental disability, to develop the research activities, to provision of service and teaching in the special education area.

As there was not at the university (and in the country) a nucleus with a tradition of research and undergraduate education in the area that could take a "natural" step in academic evolution and expand its level of performance, the Master’s Degree Program was implanted based on researchers’ experience in Psychology, Philosophy and Education. Although they had never worked directly with the main issues related to Special Education, were prepared to face the problem and to begin, with the students, a program of research in the area.

The curricular structure went through three major reformulations from the implementation of the course, specifically in the years 1986, 1990 and 1997. In 1990, there was also a change in the name of the "Master's Program in Special Education"(PMEE) into "Graduate Program in Special Education" (PPGEEs), and in the concentration area "Mental Disability" into “Education of the Special Individual”, which aimed to give coverage to the course.

The last reformulation in 1997 was due to the objective of implanting the Doctorate Course and due to the necessity of adjustment in accordance with the policies of the Graduate Programs in the country. The basic changes aimed at developing in the Graduate Program a curricular structure that would allow a continuity in the training of human resources of the Master’s and Doctorate degree, the reduction in the term of the credits in courses and a greater flexibility in the curriculum.

The approval of CAPES for the opening of the Doctorate Course was achieved in 1999, 21 years after the beginning of the Master's degree Program.